Ubuntu and BIOS/UEFI

Requirements document

We are proud to announce the first release of the Ubuntu BIOS/UEFI Requirements Document. This technical document is intended to help OEMs, ODMs and IBVs achieve maximum compatibility with Ubuntu.

This document is being updated regularly, so be sure to check back often for new versions.

Download BIOS/UEFI Requirements Document

Attendees at the Ubuntu Hardware Summit

Firmware Test Suite Live

Test without installing

The firmware test suite (fwts) comprises of over fifty tests that are designed to exercise and test different aspects of a machine's firmware. fwts-live is a bootable USB image that will automatically boot and run the firmware test suite.

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Ubuntu Certified

Something to keep at your desk

We have created a short booklet with top tips and tricks to debug the most common issues encountered when integrating Ubuntu with new hardware. This booklet is the perfect size to seat your desk ready to be reference when you need it the most. If you haven't got a printed copy, you can now make your own.

Download the booklet